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Welcome to our "Manchester Terrier" homepage. We decided to produce this web-page to provide information concerning the Manchester Terrier.  We have been raising Manchester Terriers for over 10 years.  The Manchester Terrier has two varieties, the Standard and the Toy. We breed the Toy due to its ability to co-exist with children and with other pets in the same household. The Standard Manchester is usually placed into a single pet home with no children. The Toy Manchester Terrier is a unique and wonderful companion for any home. We are dedicated to it's preservation and future. We hope that these pages help with some questions that you may have concerning the Manchester Terrier. Please e-mail us or telephone us for answers to more specific questions at (702)-454-6841(telephone calls preferred). 

At DesertRose we strive to breed healthy dogs with sound temperaments and confirmations that follow  the AKC Breed Standard of Perfection for the Manchester Terrier. We breed dogs that are successful in the breed show ring along with being outstanding family pets.  All of our dogs are house dogs. We are able to be at home with them all the time. They have access to the outdoors through doggie doors. They have a spacious fenced backyard as well as a fenced front yard to run and play in. All of our puppies are born in our bedroom.  The puppies are handled every day from the time they are born until they leave for their new homes.  At about 41/2 weeks of age the puppies move on to the living room. There they are exposed to the sights and sounds of everyday family activities. They are also exposed to our cats and our other dogs (Manchesters).  It is our firm belief that all Manchesters should be raised in a home environment. They are very people-oriented and their temperaments suffer if they are raised and kept as kennel dogs. Unlike most Terrier breeds Manchesters are not hyperactive or aggressive and snappy.  All of our dogs, including males, are together and remain together everyday. They even accept new and visiting dogs in their home and yards.  As breeders we must breed dogs with sound temperaments.  After they are born it is important for the puppies to play and interact with the adult Manchesters.  We have found that this is the best way to raise and teach our puppies.  Although we let our adult dogs help raise our puppies, in our home WE (humans) are always their alpha-leaders and main teachers.

Our breeding's have been thoughtfully planned to bring out the best in our line. All of our breeding stock has been DNA-tested for von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) (or Clear by parentage), a potentially fatal bleeding disorder found in this and many other breeds. The DNA test, provided by VetGen and some other labs, is the only vWD test which provides the genetic information breeders need to make good breeding choices. (For more information on the test, visit Please do not accept blood assay results as evidence of a dog's vWD status. These blood tests provide no useful information for making breeding decisions. Only the DNA test reveals whether a dog is "affected" ("at risk" for developing symptoms, and will always pass a defective gene to its offspring), a "carrier" (not at risk for developing symptoms, but may pass a defective gene to its offspring), or "clear" (not at risk for developing symptoms, and will never pass a defective gene to its offspring).  DesertRose has never nor will ever purposely breed any dogs together that are both "carriers" of vWD.  This can produce "affected" puppies with vWD. This type of breeding is unethical and should never be done.  There is no logical reason to bring unhealthy dogs into this world. 

Although the Manchester is a hard breed to find, there are now more puppy mills and back-yard breeders.  Please help to keep the Manchester Terrier a healthy breed by choosing your breeders very carefully.  Breeders should be well educated about the Manchester Terrier. They should have knowledge about all health issues concerning Manchester Terriers.  Find out if they have any other breeds of dogs they are actively breeding.  How many litters a year do they have from each breed of dog.  Two litters a year is enough of a challenge. Make sure they are involved with showing their own dogs, not just breeding them to be pets.  A big give away is  letting their puppies go before they are 10 weeks old.  Another is that they are sold very cheaply.

All of our dogs are all AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. We guarantee our puppies until they are a year of age. We have been members in good standing with the American Manchester Terrier Club since 1992. We welcome any inquiries and will be happy to talk with you more about this wonderful breed of dog. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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